Rihanna, seapunk, Jerome LOL, Internet y el plagio (?)

Art that’s for, by and on the internet requires a lot of sharing. Should people still get upset when their work is imitated or duplicated? 
People have said to me like, “That’s whack, people didn’t consult with you, or give you any credit.” Well why would they? Do we do that ourselves? The internet’s a free base to do whatever you want with it. It’s a democratic place. All those images I’m using are like, referencing things and stolen. These underground videos are on the same platform as a mainstream video. Everything’s on YouTube, on Tumblr. It’s not like there’s this secret part of the internet where all this art is happening or this style. It’s out there. Anyone can steal from it. 
- Jerome LOL, a propósito de la presentación de Rihanna en SNL (vía)

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