Esto parece un guión de cómic

Dënver 08

okay, so tonight this old guy next to me at a concert tried to pick me up, tastefully really, asking me about the musician and the venue and if I wanted to go for drinks in the neighborhood...all good if he had been 25 years younger.

And last summer there was the old dude who "chatted me up" with details of live trail fox hunting or some sh*t then accompanied me up 5th Ave. singing 19th century Irish resistance tunes.

There was another incident in between I can't remember much...but what is going on here? I know I'm no longer such a spring chicken, as my grampy would say, but really? Is it that bad? WTF?

Makes me long for those days right after college when 12-year-olds tried to pick me up, in all earnestness, asking what grade I was in an everything...

(foto por Rodrigo Ferrari para Super45)

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rodrigo dijo...

y el crédito?

gab dijo...

pero si haces click en la foto y se va directo al flickr, PERO BUENO, YA